26 December 2011

The GWB Conspiracy

I have discovered a conspiracy related to the George Washington Bridge. Viewed carefully, the architecture of the bridge gives the precise location of an abandoned uranium mine in a remote location of Upstate New York.

For months, I study everything about the bridge: the placement of rivets, layout of the suspension cables, the number of strands in each cable and how they are twisted, even the pattern of cracks in the roadway. The more information I gather, the more I understand how the patterns present in the bridge represent and correspond to geographical features that can pinpoint the mine. I am on the verge of a breakthrough - I know the general direction of the mine from the bridge, and I think I can identify its rough whereabouts.

But I need to work more quickly. There are two opposing groups in the wings - men from the US Government, trying to prevent me from finding the mine, and a terrorist organization that wants the uranium.